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Rhosgen liked the stew. 
He hoped that it would be a regular dish in the dining hall, and ate it all down quickly. 
He leaned against a tree as he nibbled on a bread roll, nose wrinkling as someone near him started cuddling their friend. 
And then started undressing their friend. 
Rhosgen stared, expecting one of the Masters to yell at them. 
That stuff wasn't supposed to be in public! 
And now he was starting to feel ...weird. 
His hand tightened around the bread roll, and he looked around, starting to feel anxious. 
What was happening?! 
He turned and ran into the trees. 

Rhosgen woke up in the morning, a ruined bread roll still in his hand, and sat up, looking around at all the trees. 
He couldn't hear anyone. 
"Hello?" He said, hoping someone would answer. 
He remembered everyone cuddling each other back at the camp, and...doing other things. 
He'd run away, and now he was lost. 
His lip wobbled, and he started to cry. 

(OOC: Rhosgen is 12, looks way older so wasn't shooed away from the stew. He's not very far from the camp but doesn't know that.) 

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Ikol understood why guards got sent along with foraging groups. 
It was necessary, even if hearing excited comments about yet another leaf was really dull, so as he kept an eye out he thought about what to have his next Gather dress made out of. 

Plants. Ugh. 
And yet more plants. How exciting.
It seemed that nothing exciting was likely to happen today, so when he spotted familiar berries as the smell of a nearly cooked stew was calling to him, he didn't hesitate to drop them in. 
Everyone would be happier after some passionberries, after all.

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