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Chasser frowned at the heat and the sun. She had learned quickly after arriving in the south that the sun was an enemy, so wore a long skirt and a tunic with long sleeves whenever she had to work outdoors.
She did miss the days in Forts' laundry, where that was never a concern. 
She sighed and adjusted the cloth she'd wrapped around her hair to keep it safe from snagging in plants, the straw hat she wore to protect face and neck fron the sun slipping as she put her basket down, and decided that she'd best get some of that stew people were lining up for, or she'd work too slowly later.

She ignored a greenrider attempting to flirt with her as she waited, and thanked the person serving the stew with a polite smile. 

She found a nice spot to sit while she ate, and daydreamed, not paying attention to those around her. 

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Ikol understood why guards got sent along with foraging groups. 
It was necessary, even if hearing excited comments about yet another leaf was really dull, so as he kept an eye out he thought about what to have his next Gather dress made out of. 

Plants. Ugh. 
And yet more plants. How exciting.
It seemed that nothing exciting was likely to happen today, so when he spotted familiar berries as the smell of a nearly cooked stew was calling to him, he didn't hesitate to drop them in. 
Everyone would be happier after some passionberries, after all.

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