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Ok’lin shrugged his shoulders, “just have to hope it doesn’t come to that.  I can’t tell him what to do now.  He grew up as Weyrbrat so it’s not like I can go oh I want you to not do that.”  He frowned a little.  “The more my father,” he said the name with some distaste, “told me to do something the more I dug my heels in.   Besides even if he stands it doesn’t mean he’ll impress.  Either way all I can do is give him advice and be there for him.”  Picking up his klah he gave T’od a salute, “besides that means he’ll have good guidance in people like you yeah?” 

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T'od concurred. "I guess you can't. It's not like he's not aware of the risks. But... I don't know... I think if I had a child I would prefer them to be in a less dangerous occupation. And of course there's the possibility of ending up dragonless, and only half-alive..." A far-from-cheery thought but one that had to be faced. There were a few dragonless folk around the Weyr and T'od couldn't even begin to comprehend his life without Awsonth in it.

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Ok’lin laughed and nodded, “yeah it turned out well for both of us.  I think riders have to be stubborn to deal with a life mate.” He paused and turned serious. “He does know indeed.  I went and saw him after I got scored so he could see the pain.”  He might be on the older side for being a bronze rider but still he had been injured numerous times and had never hidden that from his son.  “He seems to think it’s worth it. I can’t really deny him that.”  

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T'od quirked an eyebrow, knowing perfectly well that stubbornness could be a genetic trait. After all, he'd got a decent sized dose from his own father. "Well it turned out alright for you, didn't it?" he drawled, flicking a finger at Ok'lin's bronze rider's knot. "But he *does* understand how dangerous it is, right?"

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Ok’lin shrugged, “I’m not sure, he seems to be trying ones out but not really settled.  I told him not to rush into anything.”  He laughed suddenly, “he’s still keen on being a candidate, I think he’s stubborn, not sure where he got that from.”  Couldn’t be him never giving up on what he wanted or anything.  

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