Re: Queuing for Breakfast - Second Day of the #medhunt (ATTN: Anybody!) #medhunt


"Yeah, didn't sleep well." Asheran half-turned to the other man in the queue, then spotted the bronzerider knot and brought his hand up, touching his knuckle to his temple. "Bronzerider," he acknowledged politely, then lowered his arm.

"Just bad dreams. I guess I fell asleep with something weighing on me."


A slight grimace slid across Kyn'dras's face at the salute. "That's really not necessary. Really." He protested mildly. "It's Kyn'dras. Just Kyn'dras." Now it was his turn to take a moment to study Asheran's knots, though he made no comment.

"And you really shouldn't be falling asleep underneath heavy objects." He quipped lightly "Health hazard, you know." Another grimace twisted his face. "Sorry. Bad joke. Very bad joke." He scrubbed a hand across his face. "It's too early for this. Anyways, what's been weighing on you - if you don't mind me asking?" 

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