Re: Dragons Greater than Lunch (V'jal, Qioyon)


His head turned a few inches in one direction before Qioyon stopped himself. No one in the Hold would've used the term 'Little Falling One' and the name he heard moments later definitely belonged to a dragon. Zuhelth & Zuhelth's? Qioyon gave the person he'd bumped into an apologetic, sheepish glance to let them know he wasn't forgetting about his little misstep, before he moved out away from the crowd. Once out in the open he could see the green and blue better.<<
Zuhelth watched the crowd for what seemed forever before it started
moving. Then there was the one in front of it and yes now she was sure
this was the one. The little green seemed to light up in her sudden
happiness as she crept forward a bit to try and see him better, see
her Fuzzy and Special one. {{That one Pensherth, he's so Fuzzy and
Special.}} she agreed happily {{Is he ok? Make sure he is ok.}} she
suddenly pleaded with her mate.

The blue crooned to the smaller green reassuringly {{None of the
others seem concerned for him Zuhelth, he is fine.}} he promissed
before reaching out go Qioyon {{Come here. Come site with Zuhelth, she
would like it very much if you would. She's worried about you come
show her you are fine.}} he told the boy {{You know how to scratch a
dragon right? It would make her very happy if you have her a good
scratch.}} he added to get the boy to come closer. He knew he needed
to reassure Zuhelth the boy was alright before he could do anything
else or get their rider's too.


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