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Ok’lin shrugged, “I’m not sure, he seems to be trying ones out but not really settled.  I told him not to rush into anything.”  He laughed suddenly, “he’s still keen on being a candidate, I think he’s stubborn, not sure where he got that from.”  Couldn’t be him never giving up on what he wanted or anything.  

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T'od vaguely remembered about the lad. Perhaps there was a really great advantage that in general Awsonth didn't get involved in many flights. It meant that the majority of partners T'od had had were... willing wasn't the word, but it meant that the woman had chosen *him* rather than the green dragon choosing the bronze. "12 eh... How did he take that advice?" He remembered himself at 12, just reaching puberty and starting to have the usual hormonal distractions. "Has he shown any interest at all in our other craft?" He meant woodcraft, as he and Ok'lin both had a background in it.

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“Well you know I had a son right? He was fostered but I still made sure he was fine.  We even have a sort of relationship now, getting to know him and all that.”  Ok’lin snorted, “he’s 12 and talking about being a candidate, I’ve told him, Kalisi, that he should wait a bit.” He wasn’t all that keen on his 12 turn old experiencing the violence of flight even though he had been raised in the Weyr.

“My daughter is Okana.”  He gave a wry smile, “neither of them were on purpose though.  Flight babies, I don’t know if I’d ever chose to have a child.  I just chose to ask them to not kill them before they were born.”  He shrugged.

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T'od pretended to take a swing at Ok'lin when he started the whole avians and vtols routine, but laughed along with his friend. He couldn't picture the bronze rider as a parent. "What's she called?" he asked. He was a bit puzzled as to why, if the rider didn't want the child, she had allowed the pregnancy to continue, but he didn't want to stir up what might be painful memories. "I've never given any thought to having kids on purpose... "

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Ok'lin winked at him, "well when a boy likes a girl..."  He started to laugh and ruined the whole thing though, "nah she's a flight baby.  She's about 4 turns now."  He smiled with some affection then sighed, " her mother was a rider, didn't want her."  He shrugged his shoulders, "I brought her back with me so I can make sure she's okay."  Him attached to another person? Sure as long as it was HIS child he guessed.

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"Yeah, the weyrlings make me feel ancient sometimes!" T'od then rocked back on his chair in surprise, "You? A kid? How'd that happen?"

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“I don’t think I’d have the patience for the young ones on a full time basis.”  Ok’lin admitted.  He didn’t mind them in small doses, the candidates and the weyrlings, but full time? Even Zingiberth would shudder at the thought.  A sudden smile touched his lips as he looked at T’od.  “Who ever thought we would be the old men we are eh?”  He knew he was on the older side for a dragonrider and in truth he hadn’t thought he would ever get this far.  “A few months.”  He shrugged, “just trying to get my kid settled so haven’t been showing my face much.”

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"It's those months of both being weyrlings," T'od chuckled. "I saw you at the klah pot often enough when Zingiberth first hatched, you looked like death warmed up!" Nodding as Ok'lin mentioned needing a change, he eased himself slightly downwards in his chair, elbow on the table. "Yeah, some of the time we still do. Awsonth... isn't as physically fit as he'd like to be, and we've both taken a share of injuries, so we tend to do a lot of the ground-based stuff like paperwork rather than handling many lessons. It keeps our hand in for now, and Awsonth still gets to speak to the weyrlings on occasion." He looked away for a moment, sighing, then back to Ok'lin. "So have you been back long?"

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“How do you even remember how I take it?” O’klin asked as he took the mug from him with a smirk, “you got a secret crush on me T’od.”  It was said with a teasing voice as he fell back into the easy friendship that they had had before he had left so suddenly.  Sighing he rubbed the back of his neck then shrugged a shoulder, “I went to Benden.  Just needed a change – I guess sometimes you don’t know what you have until you aren’t there.”  Shards he had missed the south, he had missed Arolos. “You still working with the kids?”  

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"D'you still take it the same?" T'od offered to pour for them both, then fixed his old friend with a look. "Hard, yes, but the more you do it the easier it becomes. It's hard admitting we're not as fit as we were ten Turns ago, but it's the truth and we'd be fooling no-one if we said it. There's no shame in it.  Or so I've come to believe." He pushed a mug over to Ok'lin. "Anyway, enough of that. I've not seen you for - well, it seems like Turns. Where've you been?" The two bronzers were similar in age.

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It took everything in him to not snap that he was not some invalid that needed to be looked after.  Instead he took a deep breath and took a seat, watching T’od’s progress.  As he came back with the klah he smiled at him.  “Thanks for that.  Still hard for me to admit I need help.”  He gave a wry smile.  He couldn’t blame the bronze dragon for that one, he’d always been like it.

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T'od nodded. "Yeah I'll have some klah." Chuckling in sympathy he acknowledged that he'd had that too. "Rider goes one way, dragon goes the other way... Of course, if we weren't so careful with our harnesses we'd fall and break our necks rather than sprain shoulders and neck muscles. You're still breathing, so I'd say it could have been worse." He patted Ok'lin's shoulder gently. "Here, I'll get the klah. You sit."

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Ok’lin nodded then paused, “though I think I’m going to get some klah first.  Do you want any?”  He asked him then decided to answer his question.  He didn’t like admitting to any form of weakness but T’od was a rider.  “Yeah Zingiberth turned too quickly without warning.  According to him I wasn’t paying attention, it may have been a bit of both.”  He shrugged his shoulder as he said it.  

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T'od's eyebrows raised and he grasped Ok'lin's hand. "What happened? Whiplash?" He gestured to a couple of seats. "I have time for a catch-up if you do?"

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Ok'lin turned his head at the sound of his name being called and stopped.  Gazing he noticed T'od and inclined his head, "T'od, great to see you," moving over towards the other man he held his arm out to shake his hand.  He would hug him but he was a little injured due to Zingiberth doing a stupid maneuver in the middle of drills.  

[[It was not my fault]] The bronze sulked.

((You keep telling yourself that buddy.)) He snorted then smiled at T'od, " sorry Zing is upset because he injured me." 

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Usually T'od didn't linger in the Dining Hall, as having one of the non-accessible-without-a-dragon weyrs meant Awsonth had to carry him backwards and forwards. He was just leaving to go out and meet his bronze when he caught sight of a rider he recognised. He hadn't seen him for a good few Turns and it was somewhat of a surprise to see him now.

Striding over he put himself in the other bronzer's line of sight. "Hey, Ok'lin!"

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