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Fl’kol looked out at the greenrider pair with a sigh. Nifureeth gave arumble of almost amusement, the bronzes dark hide indistinguishable from the rocks where he was settled in the just dawn light. 

((You have my attention Aryorath)) he bespoke in an almost rumbling purr. ((Do see if you can keep it.))

Ooc: well they are Watchrider pair lol. 

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OOC: I'd say this would be happening shortly after the medhunt.
Light made its first appearance for the day behind the Rim.  The light grew brighter, Rukbat began peeking over the Rim and, with it, a green form appeared from *between* over the Weyr.  The moment the Weyr came into view under them, the green let out a loud bellow sending to any dragon awake to hear her.  {{ATTENTION WATCHRIDER DRAGON...among others...YOUR NEWEST PROTECTORS HAVE MADE THEIR ENTRANCE!  Ar-YOR-ath requests YOUR permission to land and seek out what Evils we'll be facing next.  And don't forgot that name for I'm sure you'll hear it again!}}

Neffeyn cocked his head to one side, hearing every word his green uttered and couldn't help poking her hide.  [[I suppose I only said 'don't wake any unnecessary peeps before we leave...']]  He sent with a hint of amusement before turning his gaze onto the Weyr below them checking out the sights from above.  Many would, no doubt, look different from the ground, but this was their new home.  He'd need to know both from the air and from the ground landmarks.  Though hopefully he'd not be learning them too fast.

{{You needn't worry, Mine.  I bespoke those who were awake...if anyone woke from that anyway...well they must not have been all that asleep.}}  Aryorath assured him as she banked into another circle, falling silent as her attention turned back onto the Watchrider's dragon obviously receiving a reply.  {{We shall now land.  Thank you very much for your hasty response.  Mine, hang on!}}  The malachite green figure drew in her wings, diving down rapidly toward the ground, banking slightly toward a clear spot.  Then her wings snapped open pulling herself up for a more controlled landing. 

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