Re: Despair on the Wings of a flit. (Alyx/ Cremsden)


"Well I am willing to try. But other than those spots we've not had much come in lately. But when we do, I usually find a reason to go chat with them. See how long it's been there, what they did previously. I've got so many notes. About how different things have reacted to different treatments." Her fingers tapped the table top in a slow tempo, as if she was thinking about something. "I've actually been thinking about some new treatments for oily skin. There's this plant near where I grew up that I have been curious about. It smells strong, and when it is on your skin, it dries it out."

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"No, not yet. I don't really want to, well experiment on someone without informed consent and all. And most lay folks wouldn't know I cannot be sure it will work. I'd hate to get someone's hopes up, only for a treatment not to work, or even make it worse." She shrugged a little and picked up the mug, sipping the beverage carefully.

"So, you're just going to wait and hope that one of the staff here happens to come down with a corresponding illness before you hit thirty?" Cremsden raised his eyebrows at her. "Actually using a treatment on patients is usually required pre-submission you know. If you don't believe your patient will understand the risks it is your job to explain it in a way you will understand." 


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