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Amy Frazey

Zy'fen and Nerenth took wing after thr younger pair, and circled in a different direction, seeking a place to go that was away from the other activity. They turned when Robith pointed out the lake, ((We see it....Do you think I need a bath?)) Nerenth didnt think so, his Zy'fen had been good about removing all the dust from his hide. But maybe....
 They circled toward the lake the others had found, and Nerenth mentally queried Zy ((Do you think I need a bath?))

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Zy'fen nodded. He had honestly been getting a little bored. He'd brushed all the dust he could see, off both himself and Nerenth, and with nobody around, had begun to contemplate taking a nap. Or finding food. Or going back to the weyr. But going somewhere with another rider, that was a much better idea, and it would get them away from the stench. 
So after J'lin mounted Robith again, Zy'fen climbed into his own saddle and waited for the younger pair to take off.

They rose gently into the air and circled above the trees, looking for a suitable place to land.

((Do you see over by that lake?)) Robith spoke directly to Nerenth. ((There's enough room to come down. And--)) there was a note of humour in his voice ((you and yours could have another bath if you wanted.))


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