Re: It's the Greenflight Game (attn: male dragons)

Mya L. R.

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Zy'fen had come outside after eating the evening meal, intending to take advantage of the last of the daylight to polish amd repair harness straps ans buckles, while Nerenth spread his wings nearby to capture the last of the day's warmth on outspread wings while working at a bit of dry skin around the talons on his left forefoot. The pair seemed to be ignoring most of what was going on around them, though the brown Nerenth wasn't altogether oblivious of the tense goings on not that far from them. A proddy green was nothing new, though this would be their first encounter with one since transferring to a new Weyr.

Nereth had just raised his head to give the smaller green a sharp look, which earned a glance from Zy'fen, who had now taken notice of the situation. When Nerenth rose to his feet suddenly, Zy'fen slowly stood too, harness straps dangling from his hand, while his eyes flicked toward the man he assumed was the green's rider.


Revith had been enjoying the last rays of sun on his ledge for the evening.  The blue had his wings fanned as he tilted and leaned in his sitting position to let the fading sun catch any part of the swirling blue hide on his wings.  

Irissa was already settled into her weyr working on a patch on her flight jacket from the last fall.  They had not been injured but she had gotten some holes in her leathers from hot char.  She had already eaten earlier more comfortable going to the Hall when it was the least crowded.  She could feel the contentment in her blue as he sunned so was calm and happy.

Revith though as he rotated to try and catch a better beam of sun noticed the skittering green in the bowl.   He had not chased since he had returned to Arolos from the North.  Revith the sun forgotten for the moment turned to look from his ledge at the bright green, she was young and glorious looking with her light green hide but it was not all light green.  No she had darker points and touch of lighter on her tail.  Revith could not help the rumble that very softly came forth as the natural urge started for grow in him.  

Irissa had been ignoring her blue for the most part once he noticed the green.  Revith had watched a few greens since being back but thankfully had not given him more than his notice.  It was as she felt the rumble in his throat that she looked up from her work ((Rev what are you doing?))

The blue shifted from foot to foot for a moment as he watched the tantalizing young green {{watching a lovely young green.}}  As she took to the air Revith trumpeted and took wing in chase.

Irissa felt a cold shiver pass over her at his worlds but it was quickly followed by a rush of lust.  With a resigned sigh, she rose quickly making her way to the flight room.  One of her last conscious thoughts was stepping into the room before her mind started to become more Rev then her own.  


((Me.)) Sunstreath answered, when the green called to him, his own mental voice a low rumble, shifting from where he'd been waiting, watching the green. 

At her call, and then her challenge, he answered her bugle with a mighty one of his own, informing all listening- and his rider- that he was chasing. 

In the next moment, he was shaking out his wings and launching after her.

"...Shard it, Sunstreath, a little warning next time!" I'des jolted up from where he'd been slipping into a doze, scrambling to his feet and looking around, a bit wildly, for the nearest path to the flight rooms. 

...That way. Right. 


Kyuuth saw the males following her into the sky.  1, 2 ,3...?  There would more than that surely once the game got into full swing, for now it would just be these 3.  {{COME PLAY!  COME CHASE!}}  She roared back at them without pausing her ascent into the sky, being carried there on still strong wingbeats, looking like she'd rested well beforehand.  {{But you're NOT allowed to catch me in the safe zones!  WHICH OF YOU CAN GUESS BEST WHERE I'LL GO WHEN I LEAVE THEM?}}  Those words ended on a challenging bugle.  Going silent she focused on flying, on gaining altitude, as she didn't feel they were high enough to start her actual game.

A'kin moved to the middle of the flightroom.  The back was too far away, the front too close, where he stopped felt right and he tossed the straps further back into the flightroom, not really caring where they landed.  He heard them land, but was already turning toward the door, ready for the chasers to show themselves.  "Come on."  He breathed out and to the first that stepped in breathed out a playful.  "You're going to come play, riiiight?"

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