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"Don't feel good," Megin grumbled, " But I don't need a healer. Just a little of this. I'm *not* being sent home early. Again." She quickly stuffed one of the leaves into her mouth, glaring at the other girl, daring her to say she oughtn't.

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> Megin was beginning to feel increasingly unwell when she stumbled across the other girl and that patch of blue flowers. Why were they so familiar? She couldn't think, with a headache that was quickly turning swimmy and why did it have to be so sharing hot?
> "Hey is that, um... Um-" finally she landed on it. "Quickwort!" She grabbed for a handful of leaves, remembering how *good* she had felt last time. She'd be darned if she had to go home early from her first lengthy outing ever.

Phyllia quickly straightened up, turning to see who had come up behind
her.  Another girl, a weyrling from her knots, and one who didn't look
so well.  The Weyrling also recognized the plant, so maybe she was
someone who had been studying as a healer before Impressing?  Given
how she was looking, though, Phyllia was of the opinion that this girl
ought to be lying down somewhere in the shade, and not be up doing
anything too physical, especially in the sun.

"Yeah, I just stumbled onto this patch," Phyllia said, coming to offer
the girl a hand if she needed it.  "I was just about to take some of
the stuff back to the healers, to have them confirm what it was.
Here, you can put yours in here too, and we can share credit for the

She offered her basket to the weyrling, waiting for her to add the
leaves she'd picked up to those Phyllia had collected.  "There's a
skin of water in here too, you look like you could use some.  And a
rest.  And maybe...have a healer look you over?  You don't look too

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