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While D'vik hardly knew one plant from another, he was a large, strong man, and  a good worker. The Healers had mostly put him to work clearing brush, moving heavy bundles and such labor heavy, but uncomplicated tasks. Not that he wasn't smart enough to do more. But he'd signed up on this lil trip just for things like this. A chance for sun, fresh air, and losing himself in simple tasks.

Simple, maybe, but these things were hard work indeed. By the time he was ready to take a break, it looked like someone had set up a pot of stew. The smell was almost intoxicating to a man who'd been working hard all day long. So on the way over to get something to eat, D'vik stopped at a small stream, took off his shirt, dunked it into the water and used it to wipe himself off some. One thing he'd always hated was being too dirty to enjoy a good meal. Thus refreshed, D'vik grabbed a bowl from the pile and served himself up a generous helping of stew, and grabbed a couple of the rolls that some kind soul had left in a covered basket near the pot. D'vik looked around, for a shady spot to get out of the sun. With his shirt over one shoulder, and food in each hand he made his way to a tall redfruit tree and kicked away a few rocks as he picked a spot to settle in.

On Sun, Aug 5, 2018 at 9:57 AM, Jerzy Tobin <jerzytobin@...> wrote:
> Ikol understood why guards got sent along with foraging groups.
> It was necessary, even if hearing excited comments about yet another leaf was really dull, so as he kept an eye out he thought about what to have his next Gather dress made out of.
> Plants. Ugh.
> And yet more plants. How exciting.
> It seemed that nothing exciting was likely to happen today, so when he spotted familiar berries as the smell of a nearly cooked stew was calling to him, he didn't hesitate to drop them in.
> Everyone would be happier after some passionberries, after all.
Stewing numbweed was a necessary chore, but one that Yla - like most
people - despised.  But it had to be done, and given that she was
still technically recovering from her bout of the measles and was on
relatively 'light' duty, stewing the medical plant was the chore she'd
been assigned.  So the young green rider was more than happy when her
chance for a break came up, and she could get away from the stinking
pots and find some fresher air.

That fresher air also carried the scent of delicious stew, and while
it wasn't as hard as say, chopping and gathering the numbweed or wood
or whatnot, stewing was still hungry work, and Yla was happy to help
herself to a heaping bowl of stew to fill the empty space in her

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