I want an adventure, do you? (Ysolde/ANY) #medhunt @Lynn#6042 #medhunt


OoC: Set the morning of the hunt. Note, Ysolde is signed up to find the pseudo impression weed :P

When she had told her father that she had signed up to go on this exploration to the ruins with the Healers, he had been less than enamoured with the idea.Even less so when he decided that the Candidates were going to be allowed to practically run riot. Not true, of course, but that was fatherly paranoia for you.

Eventually, after sending a stern letter to Nayari enquiring about the matter, Ysolde had been given his blessings to go. Sort of. But only under strict instructions that she was to find a buddy and that she wasn't going to be going ANYWHERE without them. But it was a compromise at least. After the lecture about keeping covered up, carrying plenty of water and wearing a hat.

The afternoon before they were supposed to set off, Ysolde set up a notice on the main message board at the front of the Barracks. There was no way that it wasn't going to  be seen by at least someone, you had to pass it every time you left the Barracks.
Looking for an adventurer!
Are you joining the Healer hunt?
Looking for someone to stick with?
Meet me here after breakfast tomorrow!
No, it wasn't exactly award winning prose, but hopefully it would catch someone's eye. Truth be told, the more she thought on it, the more she thought that having someone to go with was probably the best thing to do. Didn't someone mention a wher attack the last time?

So there she was after breakfast, her bag packed with all the essential supplies she could think of, waiting nervously by her notice. Well, if push came to shove, she would just join the group and hope for the best, but hopefully it wouldn't come to that.
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