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Zy'fen had come outside after eating the evening meal, intending to take advantage of the last of the daylight to polish amd repair harness straps ans buckles, while Nerenth spread his wings nearby to capture the last of the day's warmth on outspread wings while working at a bit of dry skin around the talons on his left forefoot. The pair seemed to be ignoring most of what was going on around them, though the brown Nerenth wasn't altogether oblivious of the tense goings on not that far from them. A proddy green was nothing new, though this would be their first encounter with one since transferring to a new Weyr.

Nereth had just raised his head to give the smaller green a sharp look, which earned a glance from Zy'fen, who had now taken notice of the situation. When Nerenth rose to his feet suddenly, Zy'fen slowly stood too, harness straps dangling from his hand, while his eyes flicked toward the man he assumed was the green's rider.

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Evening snuck up on the Weyr like it normally did.  Itself silent, not caring about the dragons, anyone else, or the few small clouds that were also creeping across the sky.  Just a sliver of Rukbat's light still peaked over the Rim as A'kin made his way from the Dining Hall toward where Kyuuth was waiting.  As he approached the brightly colored green she scampered away, putting some distance between.  The greenrider froze where he was, head cocking to one side.  While she'd been paying more attention to the males these last few days and making sure she kept a wide berth from most of them, she'd never reacted like that to him.

[[It is just me Kyuuth!  It is to head back to our weyr.]]  A'kin sent still not moving from his spot.

{{No!  I it's not?}}  Kyuuth cocked her head too, voicing a confused grumble.  {{I mean I don't want anyone or anything on me!  Y-yes, yes that is what I mean, Mine.}}  She declared bobbing her head viciously as she figured out what she actually wanted, her entire body wiggled too with some sort of restless energy.  Despite knowing what she wanted she also couldn't quite remember the next step, so she grumbled again.

"Uh huh."  A'kin made an amused sound obviously more aware of what'd probably be coming next than his green.  "Then I'll get the straps off you too then, shall I?!"

The green went completely still at the suggestion.  {{...Okay that sounds right too...}}  She acknowledged with her head still cocked to one side, not having quite caught up with what her rider was expecting after her earlier comment.  But, she stayed mostly still as he unbuckled the straps and pulled them off.  {{Okay...okay.}}

Once the straps were firmly in his hands, he patted the green hide before stepping away.  [[Go to it, girl.]]  He continued moving away slowly, picking up his pace when his green didn't stop him, not in the direction of the weyr of course.  If Kyuuth's comment was anything to go by he knew there was somewhere else he'd need to be very soon.

{{Hmm.}}  Kyuuth crouched down, wiggling restlessly again as there was still something...that needed doing it.  Something she couldn't do alone.  {{Hmm...  You...}}  She said turning her attention onto a bronze she spotted nearby, then continued turning until she spotted some more interesting males.  {{And you and you and and...and...}}  Trailing off, she couldn't think of what she'd say next and she stood there for a few more solid minutes before her maw opened, bugling out a challenge.  {{COME!}}  And in one smooth move, she straightened, snapping her wings open and she sprung into the air.  {{WE SHALL PLAY OUR SAFE IN THE AIR!}}

His stroll toward the flightrooms turning into more of a swagger, A'kin made the amused sound again.  "Mhmm.  'Playmates' then..."

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