Re: Wood you look at that? (attn F'gan / T'od)


Awsonth shuffled to one side to give Nithroith plenty of room to land and choose a good place to wallow. If you find it's too warm I can shade you, he said.

T'od looked suddenly guilty. "Well, that piece is gone, I er... lobbed it because it wasn't showing me what was inside it. I carve driftwood into sculptures, and I use the quiet down here to get inspiration for what I can reveal from the wood's shape," he explained. "Have you brought your drawing tools? Any sketches?" He was genuinely interested - one creative mind often finds plenty of common ground with another.

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Its is indeed. Yes? Share? Nit asked. He would like that. Much of the time that he as his rider came to this favorite spot, they were usually a lone, so having someone to share it with was going to be nice.

F'gan watched T'od with a smile. He looked over the laid out tools and then shifted a brow into a question. "Oh don't give up on it Maybe having company will help inspire you. I brought Nit down for a bath and the weyr is quiet enough that I can get away and do some sketching. I like to draw and paint in my free time."

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