Re: Hi, hi, hi! Wanna Play?(Teyra/Tyren/R'tal) #medhunt


Teyra looked down at the bottom of the tree and swallowed hard. The wher didn't seem upset, but she had no idea what it would take to set the beast off. Game? What was the darned thing thinking? Teyra thought fast..maybe it would work..

"Uh yea, a game, hide and seek, good job you found me, now it's your turn to Go Hide."

Maybe that would give her a chance to get away.

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The crashing through the brush alerted her more than anything else, then a flash of brown hide. Teyra's heart felt like it dropped out of her chest and she looked wildly about the area for a tree that she could climb her face was white as a sheet, as she scrambled for the first branch, pulling herself up with the grace earned over turns of riding a dragon. She wanted to be out of reach, just in case. 

She never had gotten used to whers, especially after witnessing one that was poorly trained rip a child apart while she was a candidate. Stakarth wasn't here to warn the creature off either. So she scrambled up the tree to get away. In doing so, she ripped a great tear in her leggings that was hardly noticed, nor was the scratch under.

Friendly as he was, Tyren couldn't climb a tree. He sat down at the bottom of it instead, squinting up. His nose told him she was up there, even if his eyes couldn't confirm it. 

((Is it a game?)) he asked hopefully. 

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