Re: What will I be? (Attn: Cremsden, Jerronila)

Rabble Rabble

Jerronila nodded. 
"Father said he'd be happy whatever I did. I like studying." 
And if she stayed craftless, she'd be married off and cleaning up after babies anyway. 
Lots of reading to go with the cleaning would be so much better than listening to screaming babies.

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He waited, just to make sure that was it, and then nodded.

"Okay. What you need to understand is what you're picking here isn't an easy road, yeah?" He glanced at her for confirmation, fingers tapping absent-mindedly against the table a moment. "You're signing up for spending the next few turns studying as though all the Thread on the Red Star was on your heels, cleaning up every fluid a body can produce -- several of which I'm willing to bet you've never heard of -- and if you don't cry now and then the likelyhood is I've missed something vital in you're teaching. It's not easy, a great deal of it won't be fun, and you're going to think about quitting more times than you can fit on your fingers and toes." He was friendly still, earnest, looking her in the face to try to be sure he had her attention. "The point is that you're going to need something to get you through that and it has to be for you, not your dad. 'My dad wants me to do this' isn't going to cut it."

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Jerronila couldn't think of what the journeyman wanted her to say, but clearly she hadn't gotten it right. 

"I want to be a healer." She managed after a long moment's silence. 
Her hands were tight around the klah mug. 


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