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Amy Frazey

Zy'fen and Nerenth hadnt been late, and neither he nor the mid-size brown were noticeably upset about this light duty assignment. They had in fact arrived a bit early, and were now in the midst of a mutual grooming session, while waiting for the others to arrive.
Nerenth suddenly raised his head and half spread his wings, the approach of another -familiar- dragon alerting him. Both Zy'fen and Nerenth tried to edge away from the dust of the other's landing, and the brown's reply sounded a bit crisp as Zy'fen brushed off his shoulders, then his dragon's hide. 
((Good day, Robith. We are here now, as you can see.))  Nerenth extended his head toward the younger brown, inspecting Robith and his J'lin. ((We transferred here not so long ago.))

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Date: Fri, Aug 3, 2018 3:00 PM
Subject:[arolosweyr] Fancy Seeing You Here Attn Zy'fen

If you were late for drills, because you'd overslept, you could expect some kind of punishment. And honestly, as far as it went, being on lift duty for a Healer expedition seemed a relatively mild penalty so J'lin didn't mind too much. Seemed like most of the job would be getting people there and then as it was an interesting enough spot he and Robith could sneak off and explore a bit while being in ear-shot for a dragon shout if needed.

It was a good plan, only spoiled by landing next to someone far too familiar. Someone he hadn't seen since Ista. J'lin might have attempted toslip away before he was noticed but Robith was already greeting them, if not too enthusiastically.

((Oh -- hello, Nerenth. Aren't you at Ista?))


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