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The crashing through the brush alerted her more than anything else, then a flash of brown hide. Teyra's heart felt like it dropped out of her chest and she looked wildly about the area for a tree that she could climb her face was white as a sheet, as she scrambled for the first branch, pulling herself up with the grace earned over turns of riding a dragon. She wanted to be out of reach, just in case. 

She never had gotten used to whers, especially after witnessing one that was poorly trained rip a child apart while she was a candidate. Stakarth wasn't here to warn the creature off either. So she scrambled up the tree to get away. In doing so, she ripped a great tear in her leggings that was hardly noticed, nor was the scratch under.

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((Hello!)) Not a firelizard, the crashing through the trees was far too heavy for that -- closer to a Hatchling dragon size than a firelizard. Tyren bounded towards the whoever-it-was happily, eager to welcome them. ((Ty good boy! Ty treats?)) he suggested, demolishing a few saplings as he pushed towards her.

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By now, Teyra knew all about the voices in the head, rather than ears, however it did not stop the instinctive urge to cover her ears and wince. She froze in place and looked around for the source of the mental voice. Peeking through the brush though wasn't the easiest thing. It wasn't until she turned around and looked behind her that she noticed that the voice could not have belonged to a dragon, and that put her on alert. Very cautiously she called out in reply.



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