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Almira knew the basic story of what had happened at Fort Weyr, and from the silence following her question, she guessed she had hit a bad memory. "I'm sorry." She quietly spoke the apology, and decided to change the subject, but then Guffrel explained. Almira wasn't quite sure what to say after that, and felt awkward, just standing there in silence.

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Almira nodded, then gave Guffrel a sympathetic look. "Do you miss then?" She assumed his brothers and sisters must be back at Fort Weyr, since he hadn't said they were here. And she knew she missed her brother and sister. Though her friend Lerian was almost like a little brother. "I miss my family, sometimes."

Guffrel was silent, not answering right away.  "Given...the circumstances me an' Poh'win left I don't even know which o' 'em are still 'live.  Their chances for it are bette' than some folk though, so yes I s'pose I miss 'em...  I at least miss knowin' if they're alright."  He finished the thought somewhat slowly a bit lost in thought about the events he meant. 

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