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Amy Frazey

Almira raised her head slightly when the Healer spoke to her, and she was very curious about the deck of cards. She nodded when Torrela mentioned being ashamed, then shook her head and looked up at the woman's face when Torrela said it was a common fear. "It is?" Almira wasn't sure about that, and ducked her head again when Torrela asked how she'd come to have the fear. "I.... My sister got hurt. We used to dive for pearls and pretty stones." Shame crossed her face again, "She got hurt bad, and I.... wasn't fast enough to help her."

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Torrela studied the candidate, assessing her demeanor: hand position, facial expression, body language.  Absently, she reached for her ever-present deck of cards and began shuffling.

"You seem to think this is something to be ashamed of," the mindhealer said. "Did you know that fear of water is one of the most common fears? It's nothing to be ashamed of, but we should be able to help you."  She continued to shuffle her deck.

"To start with the most obvious reasons: Have you always had this fear? Or did something happen to make you wary of water?"

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Almira was a bit nervous about more people knowing her greatest fear, and for some reason, nervous and at the same time, reassured by the closed door. She glanced at it, then back at the desk Torrela was now sitting at. She took a seat in one of,the empty chairs, clasping her hands in her lap and putting them between her knees. "I... I...kinda...I'm kinda afraid of water." Wincing, Almira ducked her head, looking both hsamed and ready for Torrela to,tell her that her fear was silly.

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