Re: Those Distant Males....oh hi, Brother (attn: Fephumith, Kyuuth)


On Thu, Aug 2, 2018, 12:15 Mya L. R. <mleesan@...> wrote:

{{Hmmmm...}}  Kyuuth made a noise as she cocked her head again, thinking about his response, that sounded somewhere between a chirp and trill.  Lowering her tail onto the ground, she sent it darting around her side so it'd bump against the blue hindlegs playfully.  {{Consider yourself pounced then!}}  The tail withdrew just as quickly with her settling it back down behind her, where it, of course, was suppose to belong.  {{I...I just don't all of those ones seeing me, whichever those ones are.  But you're fine to see me.}}

((That was a lovely pounce. Pouncey bouncey trounce.)) Fephumith broadened the sail of his wing and curled his tail about Kyuuth to hide her from the prying eyes of any she did not wish to see her. And he puffed up with pride at being afforded the honor of seeing her himself.

((I will hide you. No one will see you save the ones you want to.))

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