Who Spiked the Numb? #medhunt (attn: Super-Numbweed folks) #medhunt

Mya L. R.

When he'd heard about the expedition he'd assumed maybe, as being transportation the healers might give him some extra time to relax.  It wasn't until he saw how many people were actually going that he'd ditched the idea of peace and quiet for doing actual work.  Because he'd delayed in getting more assignments other than transporting people back and forth the options he had available were...less than ideal.  That would be the explanation for how he came to be standing over the numbweed pot.  Well the one he'd remember.

F'rdnar didn't see where the wineskins came from either.  As someone who never drank before he hadn't really paid much attention to those who were drinking.  Not until the wineskin was passed to someone in his view.  His eyes darted up his attention for a moment fully caught.  "Huh..."

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