Re: (Gather) For Want Of A Runner ATTN ANY


B'ryn had seen the stall and come to investigate. His family was here somewhere with a stall and had a runner in the race. He was in fact looking for the race to see all the entrants before doing a bit of betting. Given his experience as a young boy at the stables he had a pretty keen sense for them and usually did very, very well with his bets.

Taking a closer look at this stall though led him to believe that most of these poor creatures would be better off put out to pasture, or maybe given a gentle retirement as someones pets. Did the vendor really think any of these could win a race?

The obvious answer was no. This was likely little more than a scam and if it was one thing he couldn't abide was someone taking advantage of the gullibility of their fellow man. Approaching another customer he gave them a bit of warning.

"Don't be fooled. These poor beasts have seen better days. There are no racers here."

(ooc: he will chat with other customers to keep them from getting fooled or argue with the vendor....whichever.  ;)   )

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