Re: Nice to meet you, to meet you nice. (Ysolde/Margana/Zlorenth)


Ironically it was the name of the firelizards that rang the bell of
remembrance. "Ranger.... Zari....." Ysolde rolled the name around as her
mind rifled through its files. "Ah! Yes! I think I remember now! Goodness,
that *was* a while ago but they were awfully fun to make!" She beamed at
Margana and bounced a little on the balls of her feet, making her hair
bounce along with her. "Papa likes the really fine work, you'd not think it
considering he's so tall. People think he's just a forgeworker when they
first see him. But I know he'll be happy to come up with something new for
Celestia. We do less fancy ones too, with clips and pouches so they're more
utility than decoration. I know I prepared one for a Healer that could be
fitted with different sized pouches as she used her flit to deliver custom
treatments around the Weyr."

As she spoke, she had a hand tucked into a pocket on her tunic, her smile
turned into a bit of a furrow as she felt something and rummaging about,
she pulled something out and inspected it. "Oh, I'd forgotten I'd found
this!" Holding it up for Margana to see, it was a strange piece of....
something. It looked almost metallic but with a rainbow like sheen. And
most strangely was the fact that although it was obvious natural (as
testified by the stone the metal was "growing" out of), but the shapes were
almost too perfectly square. But at the same time, not. "I've not a clue
what it might be, but..." Ysolde stopped and it was apparent an idea had
just kicked in. "Hey, do you think that this is something your blue would
like? You said he liked things that looked a bit.. well, different."

OoC: Basically it's a chunk of natural bismuth she's found :P

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"Her name's Karla. She rides green Eglanth," Margana said. "She has a
gold flit - Zari, and a bronze - Ranger. Her brother Tamalak has Flash,
and his harness looked more like a wher's harness than your usual flit. I
think she had wanted to get me one for Celestia for Turn's End, but things
got busy and she never contacted you." Celestia stood on the table and
looked like she was nodding to Margana's words. "So, yes. I would like
one.. I'll have to ask my weyrmate if he thinks one of his flit's flits
would wear one - not sure how helpful they are in the Infirmary." And
since Bitey couldn't fly, well, he wouldn't be wanting one. Unless for
vanity's sake.

(OK - thread was called "Gemstones are a Girl's (or Flit's) Best Friend".
And she did three - for Zari, Flash and Ranger. And - she had told Ysolde
that she could message Karla through Margana and that Margana worked for

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OoC: I think you're right, we did. It was a good while ago ICly, must be
around a year if not longer. I don't think she did have one for Celestia,
just Aeode and her own flits.

IC: Ysolde frowned in thought. She and her father had made some harnesses
some time back, but she also knew that she and her father were not the only
jewelcrafters in the Weyr. "What's your foster's name?" If she was good at
anything in life, she had an uncanny ability for recalling names. Well, you
had to show skill at something, right? And randomly remembering names would
surely be good for something. At some point.

"Me and my father make all sorts. Truth be told not much is out of the
realm of possibility for him and if you have ideas, he's always happy to go
through them to see if it's feasible or how it can be adapted if not."
Ysolde beamed, clearly very, very proud of her father. If anyone called her
a daddy's girl, well, she probably wouldn't correct them.

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"Jewelcrafter, eh?" Margana said, thinking. "My....I guess you'd call
her my foster...had these harnesses made for her firelizards, and I really
liked them. Maybe you know who made them? I'd like one for Celestia." And
maybe even a couple for Bitey's two flits.

"What kind of things do you make?"

(OOC: I think we had a Thread where Karla commissioned some harnesses.
Not sure ICly how long ago it was, though. Can't remember if she got one
for Celestia - I know she had one made for Delysia's Aeode.)

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Ysolde was fascinated to say the least. "I don't think I've ever really
stopped to think about how they think," she admitted, looking around all
the things around her with wide eyes.. "I mean, I know they're a part of
you.. on the inside..." she paused, waving her hands as she tried to
explain that she sort of knew that the bond between Rider and dragon was
intricate to say the least", ".... And I know that they speak to you and
can speak to others. But I don't think I've ever stopped to think about
them having personalities of their own. But then, even other animals have
basic characteristics, so why can't a more complicated creature like a
dragon have a far more complicated and diverse personality?" Ysolde
stopped, looking a little sheepish as she realised she was beginning to

But then something the Rider said caught her attention and brought her
hastily back to the forefront.. "A dragon? Oh no, I'm not a Candidate. I'm
just Apprenticing to my papa. We were passing through but there was a need
for a jewelcrafter here and well.... here we are." She beamed at Margana,
her green eyes twinkling cheerfully.

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Margana nodded, grinning. It wasn't often that she got to surprise
someone. "Dragons - aren't animals. They are fully sentient beings, and
they can have the same likes and dislikes as you or me. And Zlorenth likes
- well, this kind of stuff." She gestured.

"Others have dragons who like to dress up in ornate harness. There
was a Weyrling dragon who liked her nails painted. If you ever get the
chance, check out the dragon weyrs of other riders. You'll be surprised..
And then you won't be surprised when you Impress, and your dragon asks you
to paint their walls." She led the way back out of Zlorenth's weyr, and
gestured at the table, where her cards were still displayed.

"Would you like some water? Klah? Anything?"

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Following Margana, Ysolde looked around her with all the wonder of a
child being presented with an exceptionally sparkly item. She oohed and
aahed and it was obvious that her curiosity was absolutely genuine.
Trotting after Margana to Zlorenth's couch, Ysolde stopped, stared and then
stared some more. "That's... a lot of stuff." And it couldn't belong to the
Rider, not out here. ".. Is this all.... his?" She gestured at the
collection, clearly not sure what to make of it. It was fascinating to say
the least.

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Most riders didn't have visitors often, and Margana was no
exception. Who had time for visitors, when you were busy with something a
hundred types your own body weight?

{{Are you calling me fat?}} Zlorenth asked with some amusement..

Margana didn't deign to answer. "Actually, I think the only
difference is the exterior entry where the dragon's part is," she said,
beckoning Ysolde to follow her. Pushing the interior curtain aside, she
gestured. "This is where Zlorenth sleeps. And that little tunnel that's
covered with that heavier curtain is how he gets outside." She held the
curtain up so Ysolde could get a good look at Zlorenth's couch, and the
items in his quarters. One who did not have a dragon might think that the
quarters would be bare, but that was not the case. Zlorenth liked patterns
- or, rather patterns that were not patterns. Paintings or pictures that
were abstract. Blankets or quilts that had no order to them. Even
sculptures that did not look like...anything, yet were pleasing to the
eye. Someone once called it abstract art. Margana called it 'stuff
Zlorenth likes'.

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The gesture, although totally unexpected, was very appreciated.
Mentally she made a note to make some small trinket as a token of her
gratitude as she stepped inside.. "Apprentice Ysolde, I'm very pleased to
meet you." Clutching the precious package under her arm, she took a look
around her. She'd never been inside a Rider's weyr. In some ways it was
very similar to the quarters she shared with her father. "Sorry if I'm
looking around, I've never been inside a Rider weyr. I was wondering how
they're different to..... you know... the normal quarters." She hadn't
wanted to seem nosy even though she was itching with curiosity.

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"No inconvenience at all," Margana said with a smile. "I've
finished my daily harness check, Zlorenth is currently happily sunning
himself on the Rim, and drills aren't for another two hours. I'm just
taking some time to relax." Granted, she could have gone to R'tal's office
and done some cleanup, but the office was still clean from when she and
Cremsden had their fight.

"So, instead, why don't you tell me about yourself?"

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That she had been allowed to pet a firelizard just ranked on
Ysolde's list of "best things ever" and probably, for now, quite near the
top. Delightedly she had gently rubbed the top of the tiny head and managed
to rein in the urge to squeal with joy. Maybe later. In private. Where no
one could judge her.

"Matizon..... Matizon...." Ysolde rolled the name around and it
clicked into place. "You're totally right! Oh shells, I feel so silly." And
the red colour on her cheeks that currently complimented her hair was a
good testament to her current embarrassment. And then Margana was offering
to let her wait there and the girl almost melted with relief. "Oh are you
sure? I would hate to be any sort of inconvenience."

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Celestia preened at the compliment, and extended her head to be
petted. Margana automatically moved forward, while thinking. Older
harper, mustache, chubby...oh!

"Oh, I think you mean Master Matizon," she said suddenly. "He
has an interior weyr, about, oh," she counted in her head, "three dragon
weyrs and two interior weyrs down that way." She pointed, the way Ysolde
had been walking. "But he's not there right now - I think he's at the
creche teaching the littlest littles. They love his mustache." She

"If you want, you can stay in here with me until he gets back.
It shouldn't be too long - the kids' attention spans really aren't that

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OoC: That works for me! :D

IC: Well, the door hadn't been slammed in her face and for that
Ysolde was instantly relieved. She'd spotted the Bluerider knots on the
woman's shoulder and Ysolde always hated to bother the Riders. They had
such busy lives. "Sure I can!" she agreed enthusiastically, red curls
bouncing wildly as she nodded her head. "He's an older chap, perhaps
getting on for seventy turns? Not very tall, maybe about your height... "
Ysolde paused, blushing at how she was going to describe him next, but it
was the only way she could think to, "... he's a bit.. well, chubby. Not
massively! Just like he enjoys a piece of cake now and then. Uhm, let me
see, he has white hair... no, that's not right, mostly white but still with
some dark brown in it. And it was very neat. Not overly long but very well
kept... oh! And he had a really neat moustache and beard....."

She paused, her face crumpled up as she tried to think if there
were any other details. Unfortunately she was distracted by the arrival of
the green firelizard and she beamed at the new arrival. "Oh, she's
adorable! Hello there sweetling.You're beautiful, you are!"

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"Zorian?" Margana asked, puzzled. The name sounded familiar,
but not quite right. Celestia flew over and landed on Margana's shoulder,
interested in what was going on.

"Can you describe him to me?" If the man lived anywhere near
here, she should be able to figure out who he was.

(OOC: Is it OK if Margana realizes it's a different name?)

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She'd heard the sound of approaching footsteps and prepared
herself, setting her brightest, most polite smile onto her face. A very
fast once over and she was satisfied that she was neat and presentable as
well. As the door opened, for half a second, she couldn't help but hope
that she'd actually found the right quarters after all. "Sorry to bother
you ma'am," she said politely as the door opened. "I'm trying to find
Master Zorian, he placed an order with my papa and I think we took down his
living quarters wrong."

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Margana looked up from her solitary card game as she heard
the knock.. It couldn't be Cremsden, since he lived here and he hadn't
knocked in several months now. She wasn't expecting any laundry
deliveries, or...

{{Just answer the door,}} Zlorenth said grumpily. {{That
knocking is annoying me. Or send Celestia out to see who it is.}}

Sending Celestia out sounded like a good idea, but Margana
felt she was being paranoid. Instead, she went and opened the door.
"Yes?" she asked.

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OoC: Set in and around the measles outbreak but before the
windy Fall. The Harper in question is just a made up NPC, feel free for
Margana to know of him or have no idea at all xD

IC: With the package under her arm, Ysolde had set off from
the Crafter quarters in search of their patron. It had been a generous
commission, nothing overly fancy but a large order of buckles monogrammed
and inscribed for a Harper who, in his elder years, decided that he needed
a new look and apparently engraved belt buckles was it.

Looking at the instructions in her hand as she trotted
through the tunnels, Ysolde was absolutely, well, nearly absolutely,
positive that she had written his directions down correctly but she had
knocked on four doors already and absolutely no one had heard of Master
Zorian. Sigh. Either his elderly mind had gotten it completely wrong, which
she doubted as he had seemed as sound as a bell or, which was far more
likely, she had gotten it wrong. Well, she wasn't going to finish until
she'd gotten the job done. She was positive that at the very least, she was
in the right part of the Weyr, she remembered the man saying how he'd
managed to get a little set of quarters up near some of the Rider weyrs
which allowed him a view over the Weyr Bowl.. So, right section, just not

Time to start knocking on doors and asking for directions.

Luckily, Ysolde wasn't so proud as to refuse to acknowledge
that she needed a bit of help. One by one it would have to be. Striding up
to the first door she came to, she rapped loudly on it, hoping someone was

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I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times,
so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times,
so don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so
don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM..

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so
don't hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't
hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't
hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't
hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

Nutmeg on the Wizzy.
Florcott on AIM.

I'm sometimes slow and have the memory of a sieve at times, so don't
hesitate to poke me if you think you've been forgotten!

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