Re: Flit hatching on the Hatching Ground. ATTN DAN, VAL and JAHKI!

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"Or I could, too, get meat scraps from the kitchen. And maybe we can have a pot of oil by the fire in Harper Haven, so we always have some warm oil for their hides...." Dan was musing, still enchanted with 'Blue'. "I
don't want Dorena to have to add more chores to what she is already doing!"
Glancing at the other two baby flits, he asked "And what are you two going to name YOUR new friends?"

> Looking down at her sleeping green, Valeryna shrugged very softly. "I have no idea, Dan. All of the names that come first to my mind
are taken. I think, that I will let her choose her own name. Maybe I'll say something that will make her react, and if she likes it, then that will be her name."
> Suddenly, it was like she realized again just where she was, and she stood as quickly as possible. "I, umm...I think I'll go now. I'm just too close to...I have to go, please excuse me everyone. Setra, again, thank you!" And she all but broke her neck getting away from the hatching. Up high in the stands was one thing, but this was too close to the action, and she couldn't handle it.

>Jakhi looked at Setra and said "I think I'll call him Saphire. And you do have to oil them, and bath them. hanver can be a real pain to oil." jakhi pointed to her brown flit.

Dan watched Valeryna flee, and recognized it for fleeing. His smiled dimmed for a moment, but came right back. She was healing, whether she realized it or not. And, evidently, she had totally missed his kissing her hand. For now, anyway.
Looking at Jakhi, Dan said "Hi, fellow flit-ter. My name is Dan, and this, as you just heard, is Blue-the-Valiant." He smiled at the little flit lying so trustingly in his lap. "I'm a Harper, and if you haven't already, you'll hear some Harpers tonight, in celebration of the Hatching, I'm sure."

Jakhi smiled. "I'd love to hear harpers again! Last gather I was helping with some chores," She shrugged. "but i'll be there tonight, one of my friends, Jasper, no J'sper just impressed a brown! I'll have to congratulate him"Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

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