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Becky Shepherd <Becky77_rosie@...>

***Jakhi knew she shouldn't laugh, but the little brown was so
cute! "Stith has the right idea I think. You look like you could use
a nap before the dinner. And besides, this little blue wants to sleep
now to." Jakhi looked at the small blue flit, and said. "You know
J'sper, I'm gonna call this little one Saphire. It fits doesn't it?"
Jakhi was glad her friend had impressed, she was also glad she got
another flit. "Liden's bath can wait till tommorrow."***

"Saphire is a nice name," J'sper agreed somewhat envious. The baby
blue flit was small, curled so nicely on Jakhi's shoulder, and easy
to carry. There was no way he could carry Stith like that! The Brown
lump now curled at their feet was just slightly bigger then a newborn
herdbeast, and J'sper knew carrying them was a struggle and a half.
He yawned a bit as well, and blushed sheepishly. Why was Jakhi
right all the time? It was like having his mother around! "I guess I
could use a nap," he shrugged, and looked at Stith snoozing
away. "And since there's no way I'm budging him."
The young boy plopped himself down next to his Hatchling and laid
back, smiling up at Jakhi impishly. "Draggie sized pillow?" he

Jakhi laughed "Are you offering, or telling?" She smiled. "If you want you can help look after Saphire to. Little flits are lots of work," Jakhi nodded at Stith "but he will be to. Just wait till he wakes up!"

OOC: Jakhi is 14. and about 5'6, with dark blonde hair. just so you know. for later use maybe. :)Get more from the Web. FREE MSN Explorer download :

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