Still Sore attn: T'mas / any dragon healer


It had been awhile since Hermeeth had taken the injury. All the way back when they had rescued the captive candidates and weyrlings at Fort. The wound his brown had taken from one of those awful crossbows still wasn't healed as much as he thought it should be.

**The healer said it would take time for the bones to mend,** his dragon reminded him.

"I know that but shouldn't the limp be getting better?"

The dragon had no answer to that. They were waiting now outside where one of the dragon healers could come look at him again. At one time T'mas had been a senior apprentice with the healers. It was worrying him that this might never get better and poor Hermeeth would be stuck with the scar and limp forever.

"We'll just let them look again and see if maybe there is something more we can do. Maybe exercise or something..."

Honestly, he would rather have been injured himself. Not knowing the ins and outs of how dragons healed just kept him eaten up with worry and wondering if there wasn't something more he could do.

Ooc: Hermeeth took one of those large cross bow bolts to the leg back at Fort and it isn't healing like poor T'mas is hoping. Could one of the dragon healers come and settle him down a bit please?

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