Idle Hands attn: Alsa / C'lynx


A day off. It seemed like they got few enough of those now that they were riders full time. C'lynx stroked his chin, and the tiny bit of stubble growing there, thoughtfully as he regarded Alsa. It was early and neither of them had anything pressing to do. It seemed the perfect opportunity for them to stir something up.

" what could we get into today? Maybe fly out so the dragons can hunt a little? Go for a swim? I'm up for about least so long as it doesn't get us into too much trouble."

The two of them had never really gotten into too much trouble though by all rights they should have. It was rare that one of them couldn't think of something interesting to get into.

"Ladies choice then. Do you have any good ideas?"

Ooc:  I was drawing a blank on what we could bribe Foreth with to see the eggs. If you can think of something he would be more than willing to go along with it. And pardon him that he almost able to grow some facial hair he is trying to show it off. Silly

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