Special Occasion: attn Eisya / B'ryn


Gathering up the simple sketches he had made B'ryn studied them for a moment before he settled on one. None of them were particularly good drawings but they didn't really need to be. It only had to be good enough to give the woodworkers some idea of what he wanted. They could do the artistic bit that he couldn't manage with his own feeble skills.

Imlearth was out at the lake sunning himself and trying to look impressive for any golds who happened by. He smiled again at his dragon's vanity. As predicted once he had sired a clutch there would be no containing his ego. Fortunately he didn't need his lifemates help for this little errand.

With long strides he made his way towards the part of the Weyr which held all of the craftsmen. Finding the wood working shops then was a simple matter. Peering into the workshop he spoke to the first person he saw.

"Pardon me but I'm looking to have something made.Could you help me?"

The young woman's knots seemed to show she was on of the crafters so she seemed to be the right person to ask.

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