Re: Proddy In A New Land: Attn; B'lys / any chasers


The lust had pushed any retorts from Numauth's mind. All that remained was the need. Following her instinct she veered this way and then that until by chance she strayed straight into the grip of Rhyth. Her bugled response was one of both defiance and relief as she gave herself up into his embrace.

On the ground B'lys shuddered once feeling that his lifemate had been caught. He too surrendered to the sensation of the moment and fell into Sh'ain's arms in that moment......

(Ooc: thanks for playing along everyone. Sorry for the shortness of the reply. I've been stuck offline for a few days and just trying to get caught up. And with that is Sh'ain still game to continue this after fade to black and deal with a slightly neurotic greenrider? If so just reply here and we'll pick it up from there. Thanks again!)


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