Re: Proddy In A New Land: Attn; B'lys / any chasers



Numauth roared a challenge to the dragons who gave chase and climbed ever higher. A green was not as prone to make a flight last as a gold was but she wanted this to take a little bit of time anyway. That would give her a bit more time to flirt after all.

((Too slow,)) she bugled out in challenge. ((You lot will never catch me unless you pick up the pace!))

My but they were handsome dragons she thought. She would be happy to get caught by any of them. All traces of rational thought though were falling by the way side, both for her and B'lys. He had made it to the flight room and tore off his shirt at the feeling of heat and lust rising from his connection to Numauth. Dimly he was aware of other figures approaching but was past caring...other than the need to relieve the pent up passion he was feeling.

(Ooc: I'm out of town for a few days over the holiday. Should be back Monday night or Tuesday morning. Wanted to give each of you a chance to post again if you wish or for others to join in. How many ever we have in the end I'll roll randomly to see who catches her and then fade to black...though I would like to continue the thread if the winner is willing once they wake up after all the fireworks are done. ;) Anyways, I have Rhyth, Fioxth & Beringoth so far but others are welcome to join up.)


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