Proddy In A New Land: Attn; B'lys / any chasers


B'lys had been trying to put it least subconciously. He still felt out of sorts here in Arolos. The people had been kind enough, even if some of them seemed suspicious of him and the other refugees. He couldn't blame them to be honest but it was still hard to bear. It seemed he had never truly belonged anywhere and then to find out how he had been lied to and abused by the rebels in Fort....that had devastated him.

Now he was in a new wing in a new home and coming to terms with his new life. He still  worried about being accepted of course but it got a little easier every day. The stress had been hard on Numauth but she had been his strength and had supported him in the darkest of times. It was his turn now to let go a bit so she could follow her instincts.

"You picked a fine time to rise," he mumbled, speaking aloud to the green even though she was down at the pens gobbling down a herd beast. She could hear him though no matter how he chose to speak.

((It is time,)) she said in  voice filled with both excitement and desire. ((There are handsome mates for me here. I will fly!))

And with that she did even as he staggered towards the flight room. This much was the same in every Weyr he realized as the joy of Numauth's flight and the lust over took him. He just hoped he was ready for the first rising in a new home.

(Ooc: As I posted in the Ooc board B'lys' green Numauth is rising. The folks who volunteered, or anyone else for that matter can feel free to chase. I just wanted to give him some post time and play about with it a bit so we can see where it goes. :)  )

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