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Giving a small shake of her head as Do'zer's first words, when he was finished Kinara replied with "Oh, you aren't being indelicate at all, Sir. It's a fair question. It's not like I'm a younger girl trying to become a candidate who doesn't have a child. Yes, she actually made it out of Fort before I did, and we met up here once I managed to be able to leave Fort. It was a very bad time, that is true, but she was cared for when we were separated and has since then been sufficiently reassured that a separation like that wouldn't happen again." 

Pausing to consider his other worry about time management, Kinara nodded her head saying "Yes Sir, I believe I can. I don't have a craft to take up my time, only Melody, my daughter, who has another person in her life besides me who can care for her. She'll miss me, of course, during the possible weyrling separation that I know is necessary should I be lucky enough to impress, but she'll do ok until I can see her on breaks and rest days- she's got other family around her."

After another pause, Kinara said with a softer and more sincere tone "Ultimately I'm not just wanting to be a candidate for me or my possible future dragon, but also for her. To show her when she gets older not to give up on what she wants, even if the path to her goal is hard to follow and filled with sudden pitfalls."

((OOC: No worries. *grins* And btw, Kinara doesn't mean actual blood family (being an orphan herself), but people who are close enough for Melody to consider family. ))

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Do'zer listened patiently and smiled to encourage her to continue as Kinara spoke. His attention piqued a bit at the mention of a daughter. Being a candidate didn't allow for much of a family life for a parent. Much less so for a weyrling should she be lucky enough to Impress. Doing the math though he could tell that if she had a baby at 19 and was 22 now then some accommodation must have been made....especially if she had still been a candidate at Fort.
"I hope that I don't sound indelicate but has your child come to Arolos as well? Understandably there has been a lot of turmoil over everything that has happened at Fort. Do you think you can devote the time needed to possibly become a weyrling one day?"
He assumed the answer was yes but he waited patiently to see what she would say.
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