Re: A Golden Opportunity: Attn: Kassia / Khezhar



 Khezhar's eyes took in everything as he was guided through the Weyr towards Kassia's office. He had heard tales of Arolos and some of the things that had happened here. Quite the checkered past, even by his standards.

Eventually they made their way to the Weyrwoman's office. His gaze darted for a split second to the Wher on guard. It only took that second for him to asses how well trained, and how dangerous, the creature was. An expression that showed equal parts of admiration and envy passed across his face before he took his seat.

"Thank you Ma'am. It is very kind of you to receive me on such short notice. I'll not waste your time then. You expressed an interest in sponsoring craftsmen who had ideas that might help the operations of the Weyr. I've brought a couple of ideas I had to see if you would be interested."

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