Re: One tuber, two tubers, three tubers, four... ((Attn: Yaranna, Kinara))

Laura Walker

Kinara, having fully expected the other woman to stand beside her and guide her hands, was caught by surprise when the other stepped behind her and reached around to grasp Kinara's hands. Managing not to flinch away, Kinara wasn't able to fully prepare herself for the closeness of the position and so couldn't help the way her back straightened and her shoulders tensed up. Nodding her head to the others words, and even feeling that the nod was a little stiff, Kinara replied "Right, nothing to worry about."

"Make sure you're cutting away from your body - most accidents happen when you're trying to cut towards yourself," Yaranna instructed, not seeming to notice her stiffness as she repositioned the tuber. "Hold it firmly between your fingers and use your thumb to push the knife - you see?"

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