Re: Just Missed Eggs, But Trying Still {{Attn: Do'zer, Kinara))



Do'zer listened patiently and smiled to encourage her to continue as Kinara spoke. His attention piqued a bit at the mention of a daughter. Being a candidate didn't allow for much of a family life for a parent. Much less so for a weyrling should she be lucky enough to Impress. Doing the math though he could tell that if she had a baby at 19 and was 22 now then some accommodation must have been made....especially if she had still been a candidate at Fort.
"I hope that I don't sound indelicate but has your child come to Arolos as well? Understandably there has been a lot of turmoil over everything that has happened at Fort. Do you think you can devote the time needed to possibly become a weyrling one day?"
He assumed the answer was yes but he waited patiently to see what she would say.
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