Re: If I Sang It.. Attn Any Harper

Laura Walker

"Uh huh.... Sure. You're watching "history". And if I don't take you
out of here, we're both going to be "history" when your mother finds
Roshan gave Peetah a look, knowing exactly what he was watching,
though she wasn't looking at the Weyrwoman herself. Instead, she kept
her eyes carefully away, getting more embarrassed by the moment. "So
are you going to leave with me? Or do I have to carry you out like a
little brat?"

The idea of that ws almost enough to snatch Peetah's attention back
from the scene in front of him. "You wouldn't dare!" he exclaimed,
horrified by the idea. "I have rights!" They were both apprentices,
after all. She had NO RIGHT just to go bossing him!

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