A Golden Opportunity: Attn: Kassia / Khezhar


Khezar kept his hat pulled down to shield his eyes from the overly bright sun of the southern continent. He had moved here not too long after the attack on Fort Weyr for a variety of reasons, not the least of which was the chances were higher here that he wouldn't be recognized. That night he had earned a lot of money and even more prestige within the RedStars. It had also come with a lot of blood on his hands and the chance, though remote, that someone had seen him that could prove his involvement.

These days he kept a more quiet profile. Blending in as a simple black smith, building up his skills and his business in this new home and just generally living life. Soon enough he might be called upon for a mission but in the mean time a man had to keep busy....and earn his keep so that he could eat.

It was with a great deal of interest that he had read of the upcoming craft competition. Perhaps he could make that next step and be confirmed as a master. It was then with some amusement that he had heard of Weyrwoman Kassia's notice to sponsor talented crafters who had ideas that could benefit the Weyr. What a wonderful opportunity he thought to work on some of his more creative ideas and gain some knowledge of this new Weyr in the process. It was too good to pass up.

With that in mind Khezhar found himself on the road to Arolos. It hadn't been a pleasant trip in this heat but now he was finally here and parking his wagon just outside the gate house which led inside.

"Guard the wagon love," he said in an affectionate tone to the green wher who lay curled inside with some of the examples of his work.

((Eat them?)) Wasp asked, sounding almost hopeful when asking if she should kill anyone who poked around the wagon.

"No, just scare them away. We have to be on our best behavior here."

With that he gave her an affection hug around the neck, gathered up his rolled up hides covered in notes and sketches and turned to the guards at the gate.

"My name is Khezhar, Journeyman Smith. I've come seeking a sponsorship from Weyrwoman Kassia. She should have gotten my letter by now."

And with that he waited to see if they would let him in and lead him on to his hopefully future patron.

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