Re: V is for Violin Attn Ayaer

Kat Reitz

Ayaer's expression briefly flicked to disappointed before settling again. "Do you know who made it? The quality of the instrument and your care of it is as important as the quality of your skill. How old are your strings? When was the last time you tuned it?"

"It *is* high quality!" Peetah's grip on his violin became tighter, possessive. "It was my grandfather's - I don't know who made it, it's old. I take good care of it though. I tuned it last sevenday - it *is* good!" There was a 'so there' implied in his tone if not spoken out loud.

"Are you always so defensive?" Ayaer smiled, leaning back in his desk chair. "When was the last time you changed your strings?"

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