Re: Just Missed Eggs, But Trying Still {{Attn: Do'zer, Kinara))


He gave her a curious glance at the request. The girl looked a bit old to be becoming a candidate. Of course if she had been one at Fort and grew up within the program she could just be nearing the upper age typically allowed. Well, he could sort all of that out and figure out what to do about her request.

"Well, as I'm sure you know there are some questions first. Like your name and how old you are."

Do'zer didn't dare hope that maybe some of the records of her candidacy from Fort had been forwarded to Arolos. They would have to do this the hard way probably. He imagined though that the poor child was rather stressed by all of this so he made a mental note to make this as easy as possible for her.

"Don't fret now," he said, trying his best to sound encouraging. "It's just the sort of information we need from everyone. If you were a candidate before we'll do the best we can to acomodate you."

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