Re: Just Missed Eggs, But Trying Still {{Attn: Do'zer, Kinara))


At the Candidate Master's answer to her knock, Kinara opened the office door and entered the office, watchful of the mentioned stacks as she walked. Unsure if she should shut the door or leave it open, Kinara left it open and went to stand in front of the CandidateMaster saying "Thank you for seeing me sir, even though you look busy with things. My apologies for coming at such a busy time after a Hatching." 

On her shoulders, Kinara's flits took note of Do'zer's green flit and each gave the new green a trill of greeting, Alyss's trill of a higher pitch than Jazper's. Instead of reaching up a hand to quiet her flits, Kinara stood respectfully at attention with her eyes lowered slightly. After years of Fort, both Hold and Weyr, and not yet used to Arolos' way of doing things Kinara stood there waiting for the higher ranking person to speak first and invite her to speak

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 The hidework never seemed to end. If anything there was more of it than ever immediately after a hatching when new candidates joined and some of the others who had gotten lucky got their records rotated over to the Weyrling side. In fact he had just set one stack aside after completing it and was contemplating the next when there came a knock at the door.

His green flit looked up in some agitation as she had been hoping to get him to go outside with her. Soothing the little creature Do'zer reminded her to be patient...though it was hardly something she was good at. Glancing back towards the door he answered whomever might be on the other side.

"Come on in....and mind the stacks of records. If you knock one over you get to refile it all."

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