First Step, Chat with WW ((Attn: Kassia, Kinara))


Just a couple of days after the hatching and the feast with it's unexpected flight, Kinara had finally been cleared by the Mindhealer to try and be a candidate again. There were several people that she needed to talk to in order to get their approval to become a candidate and stay a candidate past her 23rd birthday, and she'd spent a day nervously fretting over going to talk to them. After all, they were important people, one being a goldrider, and she was just a little orphaned nobody from Fort. Why should they agree to let her become a candidate after everything that had happened to her? They had so many better candidates than her, they didn't need her. 

The mindhealer who'd finally cleared her had told her who she needed to talk to now as the next step in becoming a candidate, and so Kinara had decided she should just start at the top. Maybe, her reasoning was, maybe if WW Kassia approved her to be a candidate that the other riders she needed to get approval from wouldn't be able to decline Kinara's request to become a candidate. WW Kassia was, after all, the top of the ladder and who'd dare to say that the WW's decision was a wrong one.... At least, that's what Kinara thought.

Taking extra care with her appearance and clothing today, glad to not be sporting the injuries she'd had upon arrival at Arolos, Kinara wondered if the WW would remember their first meeting. She'd looked so bad then that Kinara honestly hoped the other didn't remember, although Kinara was sure that it had been reported to the WW when another Fortian candidate had badly attacked her her...and that would probably be something hard to forget. If Kinara had heard right, the same Fortian candidate who'd attacked her had also attacked several other people at Arolos.

Hoping she would arrive at a time when WW Kassia was not too busy, Kinara finally arrived outside the WW's office and asked the guards that whenever Kassia was not busy she'd like to talk with the WW, if that was ok with the WW. The two flits on her shoulders, new additions since her arrival at Arolos, were silent from their protective posts with their tales curled around Kinara's neck like two different colored necklaces. The care Kinara had taken with her hair went unheeded by the flits as they steadied themselves with their paws in her hair.

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