Re: Old Dragon, New Flight Attn HEALERS

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M'ayen took one hastily and swallowed it dry, leaning against the wall until his heart no longer felt as though it were beating hard enough to break out of his chest. *Stupid* man, racing over here because his dragon had pushed too hard and over-extending himself in the process. He coughed, and then drew a deep breath.

"Dragonhealer," he managed. "Quickly girl, go and fetch one. It's urgent."

The girl nodded, briskly putting the rest of the pills but one back into the case and pushing both case and pill into M'ayen's hand. "Yes, sir." Insaya started to run off, but she hesitated a moment and ducked back into her hiding spot, coming back out with a small cat about six months old. "Here, sir. Maybe having Fellis with you will help - she's good at that." Then she dashed off, running as fast as she could.

She might not have been quite as fast as an older, stronger person would have been, but Insaya was running faster than she ever had before as she burst in through the doors of the Infirmary. "I need help! Someone... a rider.... his dragon needs help and he needs help too." Insaya only knew the Healers, not the Dragonhealers, but she found the nearest responsible-looking person and scurried up to them, tugging on their arm. "Please come help!"

 "Alright, alright, calm down, Insaya!" J'lar ordered the girl, keeping his voice gentle and comforting.  "Slow down and tell me what's wrong."  ((Zel, were any dragons injured in the flight?))

((No, though Ardeth left early.))  Despite not joining the flight himself, Zeligeth nevertheless was following it keenly.

"I don't know what's wrong... He asked me to get a dragonhealer for him." Insaya had taken a deep breath and tried to stay calm, but the words still came out in a bit of a rush. "I think he needs a regular healer as well. He's having trouble breathing and his colour isn't very good. He has a box, with pills. I helped him take one and then ran here. He's old and tall and has white hair. I don't know his name though." The girl reached up to try to indicate how tall the rider was, but obviously could come nowhere close to measuring M'ayen's height with her hand.

"Left Fel with him 'cause petting her helps when I can't breathe, but we need help."

She tugged on J'lar's arm, briefly regretting that she hadn't gone into Healing after all.... but knowing that she would still be in exactly the same position now if she had.

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