Just Missed Eggs, But Trying Still {{Attn: Do'zer, Kinara))


Kinara just couldn't believe she was *actually* doing this, that she was walking into the candidate barracks to talk to the Candidate Master about becoming a candidate again. It's been over 2 turns since she'd officially been a candidate...and she was hopefully about to be again. For the past nearly 10 months, since not long after her conversation with Cl'rin, she'd been talking with mindhealers to work up to being cleared for candidacy, but Kinara honestly hadn't thought she'd be cleared, much less cleared in time to be a candidate before she was too old to be one.

But it had actually happened. After all those visits, with Kiloka and Aceor at her side and then adding Jazper and Alyss perched on her shoulder and knee; after all the pain re-living everything that had happened to her and the now more common nightmares that the sessions had caused, she was finally cleared. Not in time for the hatching that had just happened, Zavith's clutch, but more than in time for the clutch that would result from Foreth's Hatching Feast Flight just the night before.

Well...more than in time *only* if they accepted her and then let her stay past her 23rd birthday. She knew she'd be turning 23 in just about 6 sevendays, and that timing wise the eggs would be hatching about 8 sevendays after she'd turned 23....so maybe the Candidate Master and the others who decided this kind of thing would let her stay a candidate for that little bit over. If she did that, if she was accepted and stood for the one clutch before aging out, then at least she could say that she hadn't given up and that she'd actually tried- despite believing that no dragon would be out there for her. After all, why would one be out there for her when there were so many other choices- better choices. 

As she walked into the candidate barracks Kinara looked around, taking in the difference between this barracks and the one back at Fort, seeing the area that might be her home for the next over 4 months. She knew she would miss Melody and Kiloka, the privacy of their room, but it wouldn't be too long and then she was sure she'd be back. Feeling the conflicting emotions from her person, Alyss crooned comfort as she rubbed her small green head against Kinara's cheek. The brown on her other shoulder, steadying paw on her hair, was silent but was no less comforting in his silence as he studied his surroundings. Taking a steadying breath as she rubbed at the green's headknobs in thanks, Kinara continued her walk to the Candidate Master's office and knocked on the door only after making sure that her clothing was straight and presentable. 

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