Re: Getting Out of the Line of Fury (Imlearth, Zivath)



Imlearth rumbled back an acknowledgement even as B'ryn came running to join him. In truth he was a bit amused at Zivath's statement but wouldn't say it openly. Every hatchling he could remember here at Arolos had seemed a bit odd at first but they all grew to be fine young dragons eventually.

((As you wish my Queen,")) he replied as his and Zivath's lifemates climbed on to the dragons backs for the journey. ((Lead on and we will follow....and discuss whatever you wish.))

(Ooc: I'm game to let them continue if you are. Did figure though that I should go ahead & have B'ryn go too because it would seem odd to seperate them like that during a flight. At any rate I kind of figure the dragon's conversation would be a lot more amusing than whatever the humans would talk about. :P

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