Re: Fury of the Sun atten: ALL, Foreth/Kassia


Imlearth was still all flushed with pride after the hatching of the clutch he had sired. It was then with some surprise, and maybe just a tad bit of irritation, that he took note of Foreth's challenge. Although he adored her, as he did all queens, this was supposed to be Zivath's moment to shine. He looked from the older queen back to Zivath. She really shouldn't be here if the other queen was to rise.

((We should go somewhere else,)) he announced simply, hoping she would see the wisdom in that. ((I'll go with you if you'll have me.))

He knew his B'ryn would be fine and find someone to enjoy the flight with. Imlearth just didn't have the heart to chase gold again so soon and thought Zivath deserved that courtesy.

(Ooc: Am assuming Zivath hasn't pushed him away just yet but if she has please disregard the above. Also B'ryn will be wandering around all confuzzled with the flight lust so if he gets into any trouble just push him back into play. :P  )

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