Re: Not The Youngest Attn C'lynx / Kralalla


--- In, "Sharon O'Brien" <drageach13@...> wrote:
> > Krala giggled and played out being exasperated "oh sweet Faranth it will
be like baking on a Gather morning but with a larger flit screaming in your
head they are starving to death cause they want at the sweets you will be
making." Celatia had always been a pig for sweets and on the mornings like
Gathers that she knew her's was to be cooking them all day she had wanted
to wake before the proper candlemark thinking it would get her sweets

Then as she continued to listen she looked at C'lynx shocked "they can have
"Oh yes, sometimes they do. Most of the time though they hear your nightmares which is a bit sad."

C'lynx looked a bit saddened to think of it but continued.

"It was right after the explosions when Ludeoth hatched you know. I still dreamed about it for awhile. He would wake me though and say my dreams were too loud or some such thing. I think having him there though eased the pain in my heart that caused them so they seem to be gone now."

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