Re: Another intro.

"Laura Walker" <laura@...

Skylar smiled and shook Alba's hand firmly. She nodded agreement as she
drew her hand back, taking a moment to glance quickly around her weyr.
"It's absolutely lovely! And refreshingly free of people who want to
my life..." She trailed off for a moment, then remembered she still had
people in her midst. No time to brood about overbearing parents
she reminded herself, no time to do it EVER. Too depressing.

"Why wouldn't we be able to explore? It me anyway...that
got all the time in the world right now!" She smiled once again, but
blinked and turned away as she heard a voice behind her. Flushing
at forgetting that T'ral was there, she nodded her acknowledgement.
so much...both for bringing me here and for moving that. I never could
myself!" She stepped to him and touched his arm in a gesture of thanks,
then stepped back to look at both he and Alba.
T`ral flinched at the touch, slightly uncomfortable, but nodded at her.
"You`re welcome." he said, a little gruffly, before setting his back to the
chest and pushing it easily across the room.

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