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Jamie B <kyra_aerin@...>

Lyla's head was spinning, one minute she was just
sitting there eating lunch and the next minute she was
packing to go live in a new weyr.
*Lizzzeth have you heard the news we're moving*
~Yes I heard, but nobody has told me why.~
*Because the weyr we are moving to is short a queen
and this weyr has one too many*
~oh, how soon are we going???~
*As soon as I'm done packing. Which will be....*
~So soon????~
*Yep, lucky I hadn't really unpacked. So came down off
that nice warm ledge now ok so I can load you*
~Is it going to be sunny where we are going???~
Lyla loaded Lizzeth and they said their goodbyes and
left. They arrived right above the weyr.
*Lizzeth I see 2 other queeens could you talk to them
and tel them that we need help*
When they landed Lyla looked around for somebody.
*I wish I could unload you but I dom't know where are
weyr is yet*
~No rush~
Then Lyla heard somebody run up behind her...

OOC: For the sake of not interrupting the conversation between Alba,
Skylar, and T'ral, this can just be quite awhile later in the day. If
that's not okay, Alba, tell me!


Arianth spotted the new gold circling the Weyr, and watched carefully, her
faceted eyes whirling. After Lizzzeth's greeting and request for help, Ari
talked first to the new gold, then to Skylar.

{{My name is Arianth, and my rider is Skylar. I'll call her for you.}}
{{Dearest? There's a new gold here. She says she needs help finding
[[Oh, shards, Ari, -I- don't even know where things are! But I'll try to

Skylar hurried from her room to the bowl, where she paused to wave at the
new arrival. Slowing her stride a bit, she walked to Lyla and Lizzzeth.
"Hi there! My name is Skylar. That's my gold, Arianth..." She pointed to
Ari, who nodded her head in acknowledgement. " she's probably already
told you. I can try to help, but I only arrived here a day or two ago, so
we may just end up getting lost!" Skylar grinned and tucked a lock of
coppery hair behind her ear, her deep blue eyes sparkling. "Alba would
probably be more help...she'll be along in a few minutes."

~Skylar, trying to be helpful.

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